Social Light Movement Workshop
Sclessin, Liege, Belgium
September, 2011

Social Light Movement Workshop is a philanthropic movement founded in order to create a network for lighting designers and other interested parties to collaborate on the issue of improving lighting for people: particularly those who are unlikely to have access to good quality illumination within their environment.

The workshop brought 28 international students to the suburb of Sclessin, chosen by the City of Liège as one of the places where light and love could help the community and the economy the most.

Under guidance, participants were asked to create a design concept for a chosen location in the town. Students spent time developing their ideas, undertook mock-ups, liaised with residents and finally presented their proposals to the City of Liège and to the residents themselves. Along the way the workshop participants explored the area, walking, talking and playing football with kids and teenagers in Sclessin to understand how their lives are shaped by the area.